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Greenwood Frontier Specifications

Frontier Series Wood Gasification Boiler

Greenwood® Frontier Series hydronic furnaces can be integrated with most existing heating systems including forced air, hot water baseboard, radiant, in-floor, and boiler systems and may be located in your basement, garage, or shed. The modern, wood gasification boilers provide heat-on-demand, mitigating the need for a large storage tank. Controlled from the thermostat in your home, Greenwood solutions deliver the heat you expect at a fraction of the cost.


Each Frontier Series Wood Gasification Boiler delivers:
  • Breakthrough Performance. The Greenwood Frontier Series redefines the meaning of high-efficiency heating – converting up to 89% of the energy in wood fuel to usable heat in your home.
  • Energy Savings. Take control of your heating bill and save up to 70 percent on your heating costs.
  • eGlow™ Experience. Open the door of a Greenwood® and witness the radiant transformation of wood to pure energy – an experience so mesmerizing; we had to give it a name.
  • Less Work. Designed with you in mind, there is no need to split wood; high temperatures in the firebox eliminate build-up and reduce ash to amounts that require attention just once a month.
  • Low Emissions. The Greenwood Frontier Series meets EPA Phase 2 emission standards, the benchmark for modern, clean burning boilers now being adopted across North America.
  • Certified Safety. Each furnace meets strict UL and CSA standards for indoor operation, much like your existing hot-water
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The Frontier Series includes a number of attractive features:
  • CrossfireTM Combustion System. Conceived with American innovation, this advanced combustion system is the modern high performance engine that delivers the clean and efficient operation you expect from a Greenwood.
  • Intelligent Control. The Greenwood Boiler Management System continuously monitors boiler performance and uses a predictive control to ensure peak boiler operation.
  • Smoke GuardTM System. Drawing air through the firebox door, the Greenwood Smoke Guard™ System keeps your room free of unwanted smoke and gasses when the firebox door is open.
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Frontier CX Specification

The firebox is made of super-duty cast ceramic refractory with walls that have been engineered and refined to maximize heating efficiency.

Model Frontier CX
Furnace dimensions (mm) 813 W x 1384 H x 1220 D
Boiler Capacity 22 litre
Approximate Shipping Weight 680 kg
Limited Warranty 7 yr upon registration
Operating Range 9 - 22kW *
Approx. Peak Output 33.2 kW *
Output per Firebox 146.5 kW *
Fuel Type Log wood
Maximum log length 530 mm
Maximum log diameter 350 mm

  Future Models

Model Operating Range Available
Frontier LX 14.5 - 38 kW Arriving 2012
Frontier MX 26 - 66 kW Arriving 2012


*Heating capacity depends on many factors including home size and design, construction quality, local climate, type of heating system, etc.

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